#80 Maisie place

Age: 20    Hometown: Canberra, NSW  Occupation: Mechanic


Who builds your engine?

have not yet needed an engine built but when the time comes Jon Waterhouse and I at Reliance Automotive will build it.

What year model is your rx8?


car colour?



who's in your pit crew?

Brien Place


rx8 cup experience

Rx8 cup is such a friendly and inviting category to start off your racing career. I started racing in Rx8 cup mid 2018 season and have learnt so much from all of the more experienced racers in the field. everyone is willing to help each other off the track with small car issues and tips on how to improve.

most memorable racing experience?

First In class in the Wakefield 300
SKDAC highest point scoring navigator 2016
1st outright Narooma Rally 2019
SKDAC junior driver champion 2016.

other racing experience?

I also do endurance races such as the Wakefield 300 which in 2018 I achieved first in class in my first ever endurance race. I also do rally navigating whenever I get the chance.

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