#27 terry lewis

Age: 44    Hometown: Newtown, NSW    Occupation: Motor Mechanic


Who builds your engine?

Rotory Motion is one of the longest running rotary shops in Sydney so I build my own engines.

What year model is your rx8?


car colour?



who's in your pit crew?

When I’m lucky enough to have people to crew it’s Peter Giessmann and Shane Kelly.


rx8 cup experience

Completed season 2018 and 2019.

most memorable racing experience?

Fastest Commodore Bathurst and 1992 Australian production car champion.

other racing experience?

Started racing street sedans back in the 80s, 1st & 2nd in state title For improve production 1991 1990. Second place out right in a class car 9hour endurance race in South Africa Killarney in Cape Town1994, also Kyalami 9hour in Johannesburg 3rd 1995. 1992 Australian production car champion, 2019 RX8 cup 3rd Place National title.